Charlie Kim's report on camera/head/tripod vibration (March 2005) (c) charlie kim

Introduction of the document
This thirteen page report is to visualize the generally known knowledge about a good practice of using tripod in still shot photography.

- Mirror lock up in real life
- Affecting parameters on tripod vibration
- Handheld vs. tripod
- Maximum resolution in presence of vibration
- General thoughts on tripod vibration
- Test results using laser vibrometer or capacitive gap sensor in various situation
- How to provide more stable support for camera
- Using Markins tripod base for more rigidly assembled tripod setup
- Short review on Markins ball head performance

Various equipments were used but I could test with only limited items. I'd tested with many types of camera, head, tripod but the only results using below products are in my document.

Camera: Hasselblad 205FCC, Nikon F100, Nikon D2H, Sigma SD9, Leica R6.2, Test bar for extreme case test
Head: Markins M10, Markins M20, Arca Swiss B1, FOBA, Hakuba, Gitzo off center ball head
Tripod: Gitzo 1227, Gitzo 1327, Manfrotto 190, Manfrotto 055, Linhof heavy duty two-section pro tripod

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Minor corrections.
Copyright information updated.
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July 2005